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LADDA NER din gratis E-book:
Pointers to freedom

En gratis samling av icke-dualistiska skrifter
från 17 facilitator på fem kontinenter

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Skrifterna är alla baserade på frågan: "För någon som är intresserad av icke-dualitet och frihet, vilket är ditt bästa nuvarande "råd" eller budskap?" 

  • Welcome by Katrijn van Oudheusden

  • Allegory for overthinkers by Lindsay Parker

  • The freedom to be who you truly are by Peggy O'Neal

  • Education continues to fail humanity as wars persist by Gab Ciminelli

  • The illusory nature of thought by Suzanne Lång

  • What is it that you truly want? by Annette Burrell

  • The red pill by Cadu Lemos

  • Excerpts from the book The Way of the Wind by Dino Carella

  • Nuggets to freedom by 💃Céline Cloutier

  • Learn to die and become fully alive by JJ Vega

  • The cage by Matthew Sutcliffe

  • Inspiration beyond the smokescreen by Eline Sluys

  • The mode choice by Hasnain Waris

  • We have never been but multidimensional by Carlo Mahfouz

  • Dealing with the beguilingly pleasurable experience of being located and separate by Freyja Theaker

  • Have you noticed ... by Piers Thurston

  • Keep looking by Helen Amery

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