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helping you align with all that you are

Everything that is not now is imagination. Categorically.
-Clare Dimond

No longer will stress, worry, insecurity or feelings of any kind be something to resist or to fear. No methods to learn, nothing to implement, and nothing to remember – just a (breathtaking!) shift in understanding resulting in a light-heartedness you never imagined possible. 

With a new understanding, feelings become your greatest guides and biggest assets when it comes to feeling good and finding contentment in any area of your life. 

As you begin to see things differently you will automatically do things differently. That is change for real. 

Clarity & New Perspectives

When you see something true at the macrolevel, it changes everything on the micro level and once you have seen it, you simply can’t unsee it.


Less stress, more clarity and inner peace

Leading to better health and more vitality. You fall asleep easier and sleep better. And when awake, you are more present and life becomes more engaging.

More self-confidence and self-reliance

Fears, insecurities, anxiety and limitations just seem to disappear by themselves and suddenly a world of opportunities open up that before were hidden in the haze of overthinking.

Freedom to be you

No longer a victim of circumstance or at the mercy of other people, you dare to fully be yourself with absolute confidence in your own competence.


Time to see Thought for what it is

“You are riding on the horse looking for the horse.”


From the moment we come into this world we are conditioned to believe things about ourselves, others and how the world works. We are taught and told by others, who have also been taught and told by others, what is right and wrong, good and bad, what kind of person we are, what we should or should not be doing, or saying, or thinking or feeling. All of this external input becomes “The Story Of Who We Think We Are” and in this made-up story we suffer, because we believe what we are thinking about ourselves. But the mind that has decided there is something we need to change or fix, is the same mind that created the problem. The only thing getting in the way of being who you really are, are the stories you have made up of who you think you are. So hey, what if you really are riding on the horse that you are looking for? What if everything you are looking for is already right there inside you? My work is to show you that this is so. 

My services

What I do is very simple, but not very straightforward: I help people quiet their minds. This benefits them on every level of their lives. I do not use methods or models, because as soon as you try to quiet your mind with techniques, you create more thinking – and that’s the last thing you need. I help you see the difference between illusion and what simply is. It is in the resistance to what is where all the suffering is found and freedom lies in seeing through that.


Executive Coaching

The most powerful thing a leader can learn is how they are using or misusing their mind. As you begin to see things differently, you will automatically see your role and your employees differently. No methods to learn and nothing to remember – just a shift in understanding.



When we’re at home, we wear our most comfortable clothes, sit in our most comfortable spot, let go and just be who we are. Outside, we try to change who we are, because we don’t think we are good enough just as we are. But you don’t have to change a thing – you just need to come home to yourself.



for parents

For adults that are used to being good at handling things – their jobs, running a business, having many friends, a good marriage, it can be very frustrating and even distressing to feel powerless when it comes to parenting your own child.

This course explores some common, yet not commonly recognized, stumbling blocks where parents struggle to keep their connection with their child and maintain a calm and stable household.


Teams & groups

When people working together see and understand how their own State of Mind directly impacts their colleagues, the ability to perform, feel connected, cooperate and communicate increases exponentially. 

Make a Change

Imagine that something that sounds so simple and obvious can be so difficult. With Suzanne’s gentle, yet purposeful coaching, I have gone through a powerful and inspiring inner journey. I discovered an important piece of the puzzle that I had not even realized was missing. Once the penny dropped, the tears came. The insight was so strong and deep that it has changed me and my attitude to life in general.

Karin Ericsson

Suzanne has been invaluable in my journey towards becoming free from my self-limiting beliefs. With coaching tailored to my personal situation, she has really given me the guidance I need to shift my perspective, silence my racing thoughts, and stand steady in the whirlwinds of life. I don’t doubt myself anymore. Instead, I feel light, motivated, intuitive, creative, and happy.

Johanna Wallin



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