Suzanne Lång

Professional Certified Coach (pcc), Speaker & Facilitator

A non-dualistic, pragmatic and practical approach to help you quiet your mind and discover the truth of who you really are.

“We take that which is unreal to be real, and that which is real to be unreal.”

– Rupert Spira


Life is confident and keeps moving forward regardless of what you think. You too are life, manifested in a body, moving forward regardless of whatever you are thinking and imagining. The confidence you think you are lacking is always there, it is simply lost in the misunderstanding of who you really are.

Living Fearlessly

No longer will stress, worry, insecurity or feelings of any kind be something to fear.  Instead they become your greatest guides and biggest assets when it comes to feeling good and finding contentment in any area of your life.  Anything becomes easier when we see how it works.

Coaching for "Highly Sensitive People"

I also used to define myself as a Highly Sensitive Person and gosh, it felt so good to hear I wasn’t crazy, I was just “HSP”. However, I now know that there is no such thing as a HSP – it is simply not possible. My sensitivity came from a deep misunderstanding of who I was and where my experience and feelings were coming from. And so does yours.

Finding Truth

Reality, ie. what is, in every moment, is always kind. It’s the stories we make up about what is real that blurs our vision, obscures what is actually true, and leads us to believe that there is something wrong with the way things are. And then we suffer.

“There’s no place like home.”
– Dorothy

Finding inner peace.

You might have spent your whole life doing everything you can to find peace, freedom and happiness. Reading, studying, taking course after course that teaches you to Affirm the positive! Take control over emotions and behaviour! Change your thoughts! Years spent trying to convince/fool yourself into feeling something that you don’t feel – and pushing away all the feelings you think you don’t want. The searching stops here – you are already everything you are looking for. It’s time to come home to your true nature. 

It really looks like to find peace we have to be continuously experiencing peace, and that the mind has to do this job of maintaining and controlling, but that is a total misunderstanding of what peace is. Peace can only be found in the open space of experiencing everything there is to experience – every feeling and every thought.  When everything is allowed in and made available to be questioned, you will find that there is nothing there. And that is peace. 



What Can You Expect From Working With Me?


As fears, insecurities, anxiety and limitations are seen for thought and the beliefs they are – everything changes.


Some people spend their whole lives dedicated to changing the past – and it simply can’t be done. Some people spend their whole lives worrying about what might happen in the future – and it’s all made up. Whether you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future, you are doing it NOW. Seeing that is where freedom starts.


No one will ever understand you. Never, ever. Coming to this realisation is freedom. It’s the end of trying to control what can’t ever be controlled: other people’s perception.  There is no understanding except your own understanding.


When you fully recognize the role of your past and your conditioning as the fundamental driver of your behaviour then life changes. Inner peace comes from realizing that your mind is creating your experience from moment to moment and the only time you suffer is when you believe a thought that argues with reality.

Imagine that something that sounds so simple and obvious can be so difficult. With Suzanne’s gentle, yet purposeful coaching, I have gone through a powerful and inspiring inner journey. I discovered an important piece of the puzzle that I had not even realized was missing. Once the penny dropped, the tears came. The insight was so strong and deep that it has changed me and my attitude to life in general.

Karin Ericsson

How Do I know If This Coaching Is Right For Me?

You don’t! I suggest you book a free call with me, tell me a little bit about where you are right now and then we’ll take it  from there. 

What is the main thing you do?

What I do is very simple, but not very straightforward: I help you quiet your mind. This benefits you on every level of your life – without fail. I help you see how the only thing holding you back from anything and everything that you really want is your own misunderstanding of who you really are. 

What is so different about how you work?

Everything is different because this conversation is so different from the way the world operates and yet it is everything we are searching for. I do not use any methods or models, because as soon as you try to quiet your mind with techniques, you create more thinking and that is the last thing you need. I cannot teach you anything, only truth can do that, so I work with your own experience. There is nothing to memorize or implement – when you see something new for yourself about yourself.

Is there a process of some kind?

What we are doing together is looking at reality and questioning what is true and what is illusion. Therefore there can be no standard process, but of course there is a fundamental structure to the areas we look at. We start with you and from wherever you are standing we will take it from there and take the road that is yours.  

Can I get a refund if I am not resonating with your way of coaching?

Sure, if it comes to that then of course. But you know what? I seriously doubt that will happen, because this conversation is so big and so exciting that you will not want to leave it. embarassed

In 2001, at the age of 36, my whole life seemed to fall apart completely within just two months.

At the time, I just couldn’t understand how that could have happened – I was educated, ambitious, and diligent.  Unfortunately, and apparently, I was also deeply unhappy, desperately confused and thoroughly exhausted trying to be what I thought I should beI just never realized that – I simply thought that this was the way I was and it was just “life”.

My life crashing like it did was inevitable really. And devastating. And…oddly welcome. Life was clearly telling me, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough and something inside of me was very aware that it was time I listened. And so I did. That was the beginning of an indescribably fascinating 22-year journey that has taken me deep into worlds of psychology, philosophy, theology, spirituality and leadership studies.

However, NOTHING I have ever studied has been more powerful than my own realization and understanding that who I really am is NOT my thoughts, feelings or behaviours – and that trying to secure, protect, develop or ”improve” the idea or concept of who I think I am, is utterly futile.  There is such peace and freedom in seeing that. It is truly life-changing. 

    With several certifications in coaching and leadership  development, I have been  self-employed and have been coaching and teaching various modalities since 2012, with a two year break due to Covid from April 2020. Prior to running my own business, I have had a broad and international corporate career spanning 8 countries on 3 continents with 25 years of experience in global companies and  organisations. English is my mother tongue, but I speak both Swedish and Danish equally fluently. I am the proud mother of a wonderfully grounded 19 year-old daughter, who I have raised entirely on my own.  And we have a fluffy little dog.


    (If you find these prices too high for your life situation at the moment then talk with me and we will figure it out.)

    Single Coaching Sessions

    1 x 75 minute session
    Price is incl. 25% VAT and only for private persons

    SEK 1.200 /€117

    4 Session Coaching Package

    Price is incl. 25% VAT for private persons
    Price is excl. 25% VAT for corporate clients 

    SEK 3.900 /€117

    More Details

    We meet in person or via Zoom for 4 sessions á 60 minutes each. 

    2 Day Intensive 1:1 Coaching in Spa Hotel

    2 Day Intensive 1:1 Coaching in Spa Hotel
    w/ 4 Additional 60-minute Coaching Sessions

    Price is incl. 25% VAT for private persons
    Price is excl. 25% VAT for corporate clients

    SEK 25.000 /€2.435

    More Details

    This is such an exciting weekend, especially if you want to dive deep and have an all-round experience. We spend two full days together in a beautiful conference facility surrounded by nature and have an intensive exploration into the our own nature and who we really are.

    We then follow up these two intensive days with 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions in person or via Zoom, that you can spread out as you like over the course of a year.  

    The 2-Day Intensive 1:1 Package Includes:

    • 2 full days of 1:1 Coaching at an external conference facility
    • Saturday and Sunday
    • 8 hours plus lunch per day. We decide the times together. 
    •  Venue, meals and coffee breaks  for the 2-day intensives.
    • Access to spa facilities during lunch or at the end of the day.

    Extra Coaching Sessions After Completed Intensives

    For those who have completed the above program I am happy to offer a very special rate available to you as long as you want to continue with me.

    Price is incl. 25% VAT for private persons
    Price is excl. 25% VAT for corporate clients

    SEK 800 /€76

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