Why do I coach?

In 2001, at the age of 36, my whole life seemed to fall apart completely within just two months.

At the time, I just couldn’t understand how that could have happened – I was educated, ambitious, and diligent.  Unfortunately, I was also deeply unhappy, desperately confused and thoroughly exhausted trying to be what I thought I should be.

My life crashing like it did was inevitable really. And devastating. And…oddly welcome. Life was clearly telling me, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough and something inside of me was very aware that it was time I listened.

That was the beginning of an indescribably fascinating 21-year journey that has taken me deep into worlds of psychology, philosophy, theology, spirituality and leadership studies. In 2017 my search led me to The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which turned everything on it’s head and at the same time made sense of everything I had ever read I was still questioning. I came home. 

This journey was neccessary in order for me to be able stand here today and do what I do, and talk about what I talk about authentically and with absolute certainty that I can help anybody who wants to be helped. 

  • Everything I was ever looking for was right there all the time.
  • I was never looking for what I thought I was looking for. 
  • Everything I thought that I was, I wasn’t.
  • And everything I thought I was lacking, I had.

And so it is for everyone on the planet. There are no exceptions. 

With several certifications in coaching and leadership  development, I have been successfully running my own coaching and training business since 2012. Prior to that, I have had a broad and international corporate career spanning 8 countries on 3 continents with 25 years of experience in global companies and  organisations. English is my mother tongue, but I speak both Swedish and Danish equally fluently. I am the proud mother of a wonderfully grounded 18 year-old daughter, who I have raised entirely on my own.  And we have a fluffy little dog.

A few short videos about Thought and Feelings and Perceptions and Sunrises


Gravity is constant, predictable and reliable. Mind, consciousness and thought work in exactly the same fashion – always at play, always in action. 

Worrying does not keep you safe

There are so many people who suffer because they worry so much. Although there are all different reasons to worry, here is a short video summarizing three of them that really tend to keep us stuck. (3.23)

That which we don't see

When we start to see how our thoughts and feeling always go hand in hand, life becomes easier. (2.38)

Sunrise, Sunset

In the same way it looks as if the sun goes up and down, we think something outside of us can cause us to feel something inside, and this illusion causes us to suffer unneccessarily. (1.58)

State of Mind - the Competitive Edge

In a world where stress is more or less considered a normal and inevitable condition, your employee’s state of mind and well-being becomes the invisible competitive edge that promptly reveals itself on the bottomline. (5.44)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main thing you do?

What I do is very simple, but not very straightforward: I help you quiet your mind. This benefits you on every level of your life – without fail. I help you see how the only thing holding you back from anything and everything that you really want is your own thinking – your own thoughts. And they are made of nothing – No Thing. When your mind is quiet, life is easier and who doesn’t want an easier life?

Is there a process of some kind?

There are two natural processes in action simultaneously. The first process is around BEING: When you start becoming aware of Thought and your State of Mind, your perspectives and thinking begin to shift and you are able to be in the world differently.  The second process happens automatically and is about the DOING. As you start to see things differently, your skills develop and you do things differently simply because the old way doesn’t make sense anymore. Naturally and effortlessly you hold yourself and treat yourself differently.  

Is coaching like therapy?

No. I am a coach, not a therapist. I know with absolute certainty that there is nothing wrong with you and well-being is your default. Therapy is often concerned with your past and I work with the present moment. Whether you are ruminating about the past or worrying about the future you are doing it NOW, which is the only time that you can ever have an experience – right now.  Seeing that helps you move forward more powerfully than anything else you will ever try.  

What is so different about how you work?

I do not use any methods or models, because as soon as you try to quiet your mind with techniques, you create more thinking and that is the last thing you need! I work with insights – I work with your own experience. There is nothing to memorize or implement – you just have to see something new for yourself about yourself, and sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes awhile. My goal, however, is for you to never need a coach again – not to keep you coming year after year.

Is this coaching or teaching?

“Words do not teach, only your own experience can do that.” Although there is an element of teaching in the beginning of our work together, the focus is on coaching. I am pointing to something that you already know at some level, something that has always been true, just unnoticed. When you can see that for yourself, you will know there is nothing to learn, only to realize. You have all the answers to your own questions – I just help you uncover them by asking questions which help you to reflect and inquire so that you will know.

Can I get a refund if I am not resonating with your way of coaching?

I am fully committed to you and you need to be fully committed to yourself and to the process, so the answer is no. Of course, if I feel that our work together is completely wrong for you, then I will refund you for the unused part of the package you have purchased, but not for the time we have spent together. That is why our initial talk together is so important. Working with me is All In from both parties. If you have any doubts about your ability to commit to your own development at this point in your life, then I might not be the person you are looking for.


Real People. Real Results.

Suzanne is fantastic. She has a completely holistic approach to her coaching and really sees you as you are. She helped me see through that which I thought was challenging, and helped me recognize strengths where I saw weaknesses. But above all, she dares to challenge one’s way of thinking and gets one to see from new perspectives, which can be really awkward sometimes, but oh so rewarding and helpful! The journey I made with Suzanne as my coach has been so enriching, both for me as a manager in my work, and in my private life.

Helena Enfors

Thanks to Suzanne’s coaching I have been able to land in a state of inner peace even though my life is still storming around me. It’s big to be able to consciously choose peace instead of unconsciously letting in the raging storm. This is change for real.

Maria L. E.

Suzanne has been invaluable in my journey towards becoming free from my self-limiting beliefs. With coaching tailored to my personal situation, she has really given me the guidance I need to shift my perspective, silence my racing thoughts, and stand steady in the whirlwinds of life. I don’t doubt myself anymore. Instead, I feel light, motivated, intuitive, creative, and happy.

Johanna Wallin

I feel so safe with Suzanne and it really shines through how passionate she is about her work and helping. Her committment to me and the feeling that she really listens, is interested and engaged in anything we talked about was real. She has made me much more aware of my thoughts in a way I have never thought about before. In my job, we work a lot with motivational interviewing and thoughts etc., but the way Suzanne made me understand this is something completely different and so helpful in my job too. Fantastic!

Jessica Johansson

Imagine that something that sounds so simple and obvious can be so difficult. With Suzanne’s gentle, yet purposeful coaching, I have gone through a powerful and inspiring inner journey. I discovered an important piece of the puzzle that I had not even realized was missing. Once the penny dropped, the tears came. The insight was so strong and deep that it has changed me and my attitude to life in general.

Karin Ericsson

Personally, I have learned that I have, and have always had right from the start, everything I need inside of me and just by being human I am perfect. 

B. Lien

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