H O W   I   W O R K

No coaching models, just enquiry.

I don't use model- or technique-driven methodologies in my coaching or training, as they only create more thinking.

I don't prescribe specific systems or any kind of coping strategies to manage for example stress, anxiety, or worry, as they also only generate more thoughts.

Instead, I invite you to see the source of your experiences.

I help you explore the very nature of thought, which operates the same way for all of us. What I advocate is that only through your own direct experience do you gain life-changing insights, not through theory or methods. Your own experience will lead you to sustainable changes in your health and well-being.

Once you see something life-changing, you cannot unsee it.

A little about me...

I had had a broad and international career spanning 8 countries on 3 continents, with 25 years of experience in global companies and organizations. I came from a loving home, lived and traveled around the world, was educated, ambitious, hardworking, earned well, and had many wonderful friends. Outwardly, I exuded confidence, but within, I struggled with deep and infinite confusion about how life should be lived. I just couldn't grasp why I was so unhappy in life and always felt a bit 'less than' everyone else. It was a puzzle, a mystery to me—I was just wired that way, I reasoned.

In 2001, when I was 36 years old, I could not keep up appearances anymore. I lost my job in an organizational change, and losing my job was my horror, my worst nightmare—the thing I feared most in my entire life. It was unthinkable. Deep, overwhelming shame. Proof that I wasn't good enough. I was unemployed for the first time in my life, and two months later, I became pregnant with a man who would not be in our lives. How could this be my life? It was such an unreal reality and not anything like how I had envisioned my life to be.

However, it turned out (of course!) that all of this was the best thing that could ever happen to me, and I am extremely grateful for everything it brought with it today.

I was so tired, but I didn't know it was because I was constantly in survival mode, always trying to be the person I thought I 'should' be. It was exhausting. I didn't understand that I had a bunch of made-up expectations about myself and a bunch of fabricated notions about what others expected from me.

In retrospect, it was inevitable really that my life crashed the way it did. So many years of trying to fit in - to be 'someone.' Through my 'crisis,' life was clearly telling me that something needed to change. The evidence was tragically obvious.

”Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true”' said my therapist. What?! My thoughts aren't true? The insight was staggering and literally took my breathe away. 

Those 8 words catapulted me into a search for truth. If my thoughts weren't true, then what was true? It was the beginning of an indescribably fascinating journey of nearly 24 years. A journey that has taken me far beyond Malcolm Gladwell's famed 10,000 hours of study in psychology, philosophy, theology, spirituality, and leadership studies. A journey that, even today and every day, provides me with new insights into the nature of thought and how thoughts create a perceived but unreal separation from our true nature, calling it 'I.'

Nothing I have ever read or studied has been more powerful than my own insight and direct experience—change cannot be taught; it must be experienced. That's why I don't offer methods, models, or theories—I offer a direct experience of your true self..

With several certifications in coaching and leadership development, I have coached and taught in various personal development modalities since 2012. English is my native language, but I speak both Swedish and Danish equally fluently. I am a proud mother to a wonderful daughter, whom I have raised entirely on my own, and we have a fluffy little dog.

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Suzanne Lång

“Personally, I have learned that I have, and have always had right from the start, everything I need inside of me and just by being human I am perfect. ”


Suzanne Lång

“I feel so safe with Suzanne and it really shines through how passionate she is about her work and helping. Her committment to me and the feeling that she really listens, is interested and engaged in anything we talked about was real. She has made me much more aware of my thoughts in a way I have never thought about before. In my job, we work a lot with motivational interviewing and thoughts etc., but the way Suzanne made me understand this is something completely different and so helpful in my job too. Fantastic!”


Suzanne Lång

“Thanks to Suzanne’s coaching I have been able to land in a state of inner peace even though my life is still storming around me. It’s big to be able to consciously choose peace instead of unconsciously letting in the raging storm. This is change for real.”


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